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Go to Market Strategy Experts

Harri Thomas

Head of Research and Strategy at Picnic.ventures
As non-technical co-founders of an online marketplace, my colleague and I found ways to: - string together off-the-shelf products to test hypotheses - find low-cost resources to fill gaps while we focused on sales - prioritize and strip back all non-essentials I'd be happy to share my bootstrapping journey and provide some ideas about ways you can do more with less.

Corey Haines

Head of Growth at
I'm a champion of Brian Balfour's product/market/channel/model fit methodology that takes multiple factors into account when going to market with a product. Many startups struggle with finding marketing traction because they use faulty strategies that were not meant for their type of business. The three key components to product/market fit are: 1. Alignment in product/market/channel/model 2. Positioning 3. Brand messaging framework.

“I’m a founder, and I reached out to Harri for advice on fundraising versus continuing to bootstrap. Harri gave excellent advice based on his own experience. He provided clear, concrete examples and responded to all of my questions. I would highly recommend him as a mentor.”

reviewed by
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Tammy Bjelland
Founder and CEO at
Mentor Harri Thomas

“Alicia, was excellent. Immediately saw what I was doing (content marketing and building a community-resource page for acquisition). Spotted the issue and had a range of helpful suggestions, models, tools and directions.”

reviewed by
Ben Chiriboga
Head of Growth at Nexl.io
Mentor Alicia Burke

Connect with a mentor

  • Ask all of your questions
  • Get 1:1 personalized advice
  • Build your confidence

How Growth Mentor works?

Step 1. Browse mentors

Browse through our list of +200 mentors using the filters. Make sure to read their profiles and reviews in depth, and make your choice.

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Step 2. Send session request

Found the perfect mentor for you? Awesome, time to request a call. Tell them a bit about your situation, choose a time, and get it set on your calendar.

Step 3. Get on 1:1 call

Time for the call, yay! Make sure you show up on time and prepared to make the most out of it. Pro tip: Ask your mentor if it’s ok to record the screen so you can take notes later.

Why talk to a go to market strategy mentor?

One of the most popular use cases of speaking to a growth mentor is to get feedback on your go-to-market strategy, which is the “action plan” on how to bring a product to market.

Many of the mentors on GrowthMentor have been through the process of bringing products to market. Some successful, and some not. Regardless, being able to leverage their insights can help guide you away from the pitfalls that trip up most entrepreneurs when it comes time to create a go-to-market strategy.

Things they can advise you on:

  • Choosing which marketing channels to experiment with first
  • Creating pre-launch buzz
  • How to approach positioning to avoid head-on collisions with competitors that are too big to beat

Common Use Cases


How to develop a unique voice for your startup that resonates with your ideal customer persona

User Research

Get help making sure your startup has a unique voice that differentiates you against the competition.

Founder Life

How to build resiliency as a startup founder


Entrepreneurship truly is a roller-coaster. The cliche about the ups and the downs ain’t no joke.

Content Marketing

How many content clusters are optimal for a 1 person company?


If you’re a lean team, building out expansive content clusters is impossible. But how many is “enough?”

Go-to-market strategy

I am not sure which social media channels I should be using for my business


Get help figuring out which social media channels to prioritize. Each have their quirks.


How to systematize an outbound sales process with a small team


Get ideas on how to start an outbound sales process without a large team.

Founder Life

How do I set up a Customer Success program?


Companies that invest in customer success programs have lower churn rates than those that don’t. Get help setting up yours.

view all use cases

Frequently asked questions

Have a question you don't see here? Ask us on live chat!
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The only people who know what it’s like to build a company from nothing are the ones who have done it for themselves.

It takes discipline and resourcefulness and even if you have that there are going to be surprises on the way that will catch you off-guard.

The best way to plan for the journey ahead is to talk to the people who have walked the same path and can give you advice on situations that you may face. Find your way forward by talking to the mentors that have bootstrapped their way to seven figures on a shoestring.

When you’re just getting started, giving away a portion of your business for some cash may be necessary to grow, but anyone who’s done it knows that it hurts.

But with the right idea you may be able to find the capital you need without giving away equity.

Talk to a resourceful growth mentor who can help you find ways to get cash in the door quickly and cut down your expenses to what’s really essential. Find profit early and make every dollar you give out work for you.

Bootstrapping often means keeping your startup lean, running at minimum cost, and maximizing the return on every dollar spent.

Seasoned entrepreneurs who have bootstrapped their own startups will be able to help you find and leverage the right tools to save you time, money and resources. They’ll also have worked with several freelancers/agencies that they can recommend to help you find quality work from affordable sources.

Is your business at the right stage to start looking for outside investment? Do you understand the implications of tying your startup’s future to the needs of your investors?

Raising money is more than just a check that gives your business liquidity, it has implications that extend from how quickly you need to scale to how soon you plan to exit.

A mentor can help you evaluate whether external funding is something you should consider or if maybe it’s better to grind it out until your business is in a better position to scale.

Sometimes boiling your product idea down to its Minimum Viable Product is a quick way to get it to market quickly and start bringing in some cash.

But what features are essential, and which will cost you more time and development money keeping you away from the customers you could be selling to now?

Talk to someone who can give you feedback on your product’s development, and what you need before you can realistically expect to start selling it to customers in a way that you can afford.

Three choices:

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts

Mentors and mentees are able to set their communication tools in their profile settings.

It is a good idea to connect with the other person once the session is accepted and the details are given. This ensures that the correct details were given and when it is time to start, you can start on time.

Here are some tips on how to get the maximum bang for your time on growth mentor calls.

  • Come into this with realistic expectations. They’re mentors, not magicians.
  • Ask your mentor if they’d be cool with you recording your screen with Loom
  • Give contextual information to help paint the picture of your current situation.
  • Growth mentors will be asking you lots of questions, answer them as honest as possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of question asking. Be inquisitive. Stories are gold.
  • Don’t feel pressure, just relax. There’s no right/wrong way to do this. Avoid binary thinking.
  • Try to form mental patterns, especially if you speak with multiple mentors. Pay attention to metadata.
  • Embrace alternative views. Ask the mentors to play devil’s advocate and challenge your assumptions.
  • Be friendly and authentic. If you’re likable, the mentors will be your biggest supporters (even after the call is over).

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